This is Dead Handz

The Gates of Tartarus have opened - welcome the latest official Dead Handz season straight from the prison of the underworld. 500 Dead Handz have escaped from the portal.

Dead Handz is the world’s first fantasy sci-fi story that you can interact with and invest in. The concept behind Dead Handz is to bring a story and a new fictional universe to an exclusive community, in a novel and interactive fashion using NFTs. Each season will bring a new collection of Dead Handz, straight from the portal to the Ethereum network.

Dead Handz
Portal Perks
The Laboratory
The Library
Khonsu's Telescope

Those with a Dead Hand will eventually gain access to the Laboratory. A place to examine and experiment on your NFTs.

Enter the library, solve riddles and try to unravel the secrets of the portal...

Lunar sensitivity coming Soon...

The Roadmap

1. Dead Handz Genesis Mint

The project will begin by launching a collection of 100 Genesis NFTs to the early adopters and supporters. The Genesis collection entitles the holders to a free Dead Handz NFT from every subsequent season of Dead Handz! The money raised from this precursor drop will be used to fund the marketing campaign and facilitate the utilities of the upcoming seasons.

2. Marketing Campaign

Even though Dead Handz has a low supply / high value strategy, it is important to maximise the project awareness and brand recognition. Therefore, we will work with the following marketing partners to grow our presence:
CoinTelegraph, Mintable, Rarity Sniper, Paxdor, Jonzzy.

3. Dead Handz Tartarus Mint

Dead Handz will bring a series of unique seasons, each with their own story and collection of 500 NFTs. The story begins when the Activators enter The Portal for the first time, introducing the first season - Tartarus!

4. Portal Perks

Dead Handz offers a wide range of new and exciting utilities! The utility areas will start opening up after the first full moon:
- Lunar sensitivity - Watch your NFT on the full moon...
- The Laboratory - Experiment on your hands!
- The Library - Only a Dead Hand can open the door you're looking for...

5. The Caps

Everyone that mints a Dead Handz NFT will get a branded Cap. It's Dead simple...

6. Expand the Dead Handz Universe

Collaborate with the best NFT projects to expand our place in the metaverse! The possibilities are limitless...

Dead Handz Genesis

Check out our Genesis collection listed on the NFT marketplace. The mint was sold out to our earliest adopters and supporters, so these are now only available for sale in the secondary market.

All owners of the Genesis collection will receive a free Dead Handz NFT from every subsequent collection!


The first collection has sold out. To get a Genesis Hand, check out the collection on OpenSea.

Join Our Community!
Become part of a vibrant community and chat directly with the founding team. This is the best place to stay up to date with our latest announcements and to explore more of the Dead Handz universe!

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